Why Not Suicide?
Why Not Suicide
Why Not Suicide?
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Why Not Suicide?
Why NOT Suicide?

Then I thought of the little Jewish girl standing in the shower waiting to be gassed by the Nazi guard in the Second world-war - he wrote before he died that he tried to separate her from her little brother but she said "leave him alone, my precious brother will die with me". I couldn't go another step towards suicide - if she in her hopeless, fatal situation could be that brave and dignified THEN SO CAN I - AND SO CAN YOU.


Do you realize you're not the only one that feels like that ? I felt like that - any of us with any sense have felt like that -this life is not easy. My finances and relationships have been in such a mess that I could not see any way through them - I couldn't see any solution - I worried and thought and worried until I just wanted to blot it all out.
This situation is hopeless - there's just no way out - I can't face another day. I've struggled this far but this is the end - I'm finished !